2016 Recap

2016 Lectures

Todd Lombardo - Organizational Dynamics of Innovation

Francisco Franco, Liam Spradlin - The Living Interface: Mutative Design

Todd Lombardo -Design Sprints

Jonathan Flint - What I Cannot Create, I Do Not Understand

Dariusz Seweryn, Paweł Urban - Demystifying Android's Bluetooth Low Energy

Patrick Gilbert, Mikael Ronde - The Digitalization Journey

Anne Cahalan - Truths Universally Acknowledged

Gregory Kick - Dagger 2

Jacquelle Amankonah - Unlock Your Product’s Full Potential

Richa Khandelwal - Clean Android Architecture

Stefaan Top - Innovative Technologies and Bright Ideas. Now What ?

Marin Todorov - Building Swift Libraries for iOS

Carl Smith - Context Engineering Reality as a Medium

Ricardo Brito - A New Design Mindset

Konstantin Raev - React Native: Open Source Continuous Build and Delivery

Flash Talks Day 2

Steve Selzer - The Fiction of No Friction: Thoughts on the Future of Human-Centered Design

Ramzi Rizk - Everything Breaks, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Change

Kyle Fuller - End-to-end: Building a Web Service in Swift

Steli Efti - If You Don't Understand Your User/Customer You're Fucked

Lasse Koskela - Full-Text Search on iOS and Android

Jon Reid - Software Paradigms & Patterns — Did We Get It All Wrong?

Anastasia Pistofidou - Fab Textiles Project.

Matteo Lai - Making a Medical Wearable End to End: Empatica War Stories from the Trenches

Boaz Katz - Prioritization is Hell

Karolina Cikowska, Van Anh Dam - Why Your Kid Won’t Be a Programmer?

Katina Sostmann - User-Centered Service Design Innovations in Healthcare

Samantha Miller - Visual Design Research: Capturing Experiences & Telling Stories

Adrian Catalan - Android App Architecture for the Everyday Developer

Florian Braunschweig - Driving Innovation and Growth Opportunities at Grown-ups