MCE Organizer

PROIDEA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Łabędzia 9, 30-651 Krakow
+48 12 617 11 83

Polidea Sp. z o.o.
ul. Hoża 76/78, 00-682 Warsaw
+48 795 536 436

Program Committee

Meet our Program Council who watches over the quality of the lectures. They are the top specialists with years of experience in their field. They will make sure that any single lecture presented at MCE^4 is a valuable experience.

Marcin Wichrowski
Lecturer at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Cinque Terre
Joanna Rutkowska
Head of Design Research, Senfino
Cinque Terre
Karolina Chmiel
Head of Design, Polidea
Cinque Terre
Tomasz Skórski
Head of UX, Inter Cars S.A
Cinque Terre
Magdalena Zadara
Experience Designer, BCG Digital Ventures
Cinque Terre
Piotr Król
Product Owner,
Cinque Terre
Magdalena Rydiger
UX/UI designer, Polidea
Cinque Terre
Przemysław Pomaski
UX/UI designer, Polidea
Cinque Terre
Paweł W. Woźniak
Postdoctoral fellow at University of Stuttgart
Cinque Terre
Jarek Potiuk
Principal Software Engineer @ Polidea
Cinque Terre
Michał Zieliński
Sofware Engineer @ Polidea
Cinque Terre
Maciek Oczko
Head of Engineering @ Polidea
Cinque Terre
Krzysztof Siejkowski
Senior Software Engineer @ Polidea
Cinque Terre
Paweł Dudek
Freelance Software Engineer
Cinque Terre
Paweł Byszewski
Senior Software Engineer @Polidea
Cinque Terre
Krzysztof Zabłocki
Freelance Consultant
Cinque Terre
Aleksander Piotrowski
Software Engineer @ Applause

Join Us

MCE^4 is a one of its kind event for top-notch designers and engineers. Our brand has grown strong on the mobile and dev events map through years. We gather the best specialists on medium and pro level of their working experience and keep the prestigious character of our conference. If you find our creative and highly skilled environment a nice space for you to showcase your company - let us know!